Ročník 2021



Shortly Agile is no longer a teenager and it is about time to leave the nest (AKA the IT-department). Since February 2001, when the agile manifesto was conceived, we have seen endless unsuccessful attempts to transform traditional organisations into something more agile. The reasons for this can be many, but whether management like it or not, in order to be successful the agile transformation needs to be enterprise-wide.


In this talk Geir Amsjø will take you through all the main aspects needed to be addressed in order to create something truly agile. Methods and frameworks for IT are only one of the eight pieces in the puzzle! There will be a lot of real life both good and bad experiences with all the eight areas.

Talk in English language.

Geir Amsjø

Geir was the first Norwegian Certified Scrum Trainer and has worked full time with agile and Scrum since 2004. He has up to now certified more than 3000 CSMs and CSPOs. Geir has been devoted to agile since early 2000. Back then, while working as a consultant on Software Process Improvement (SPI) and University teacher, he arranged the first agile seminars and courses in Norway.
Geir has been working with software development since late 1980’s in many different roles. He is now a part of the Norwegian investment and consultancy company Lean Venture, and works as a coach guiding companies in their struggle to become agile. The experience range from small to large companies, software to electronics and a lot of different domains. Geir always use a strong combination of teaching and coaching skills in order to give the course participants best possible value for their money.